About WCRK

From day one, the foundation and whole mission of WCRK has been to be heavily involved with our community.

WCRK continues to promote the events of various charities including The United Way, The American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, The Daily Bread Community Kitchen among many others. We believe the idea of a radio station truly serving the community is still very much alive and well in small town radio. And it is a principal we try to live by on a daily basis.

You will hear familiar names of hometown folks, businesses and places on our airwaves


What’s the Format

Our format is Classic Hits and we’re playing “The Greatest Hits The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s”.

But, it’s what is between the records that really counts.
We’re a FULL SERVICE Radio Station.
We’re heavily focused on local news, local weather and local information.

When it comes to Hometown Radio…we realize that being heavily involved in the community is what really counts.

WCRK is committed to keeping you informed on what is happening in the Lakeway Area! That has been our pledge to you since 1947 !