Jet’s Pizza Player of the Game: Morristown East/Morristown West award winners

All season long during our WCRK/WMTN Radio high school basketball broadcasts, we’ll name the “Jet’s Pizza Player of the Game.”

The player of the game, given by Morristown West play-by-play announcer Charlier Collier and WCRK’s Mike Rypel will win a free 4-Corner pizza from Jet’s in Morristown!

11/29: East vs. Volunteer – Girls: Harmony Sullivan

11/29: West vs. CAK – Girls: Aubrie Messer / Boys: Alban Origlica

12/1: East vs. Science Hill – Girls: Finley Surber / Boys: Mason Smith

12/6: East vs. Daniel Boone – Girls: Harmony Sullivan / Boys: Kyle Cloninger

12/9: West vs. Jefferson County – Girls: Mikaela Olodey / Boys: Ty Steisslinger

12/13: East vs. Bearden – Girls: Hudson Cloninger / Boys: Keegan Mink

12/13: West vs. Cocke County – Girls: Jhaniya Mitchell / Boys: Jalen McCullough

12/16: East at Sevier County – Girls: Harmony Sullivan / Boys: Cory Carpenter

1/6: West at Morristown East – Girls: Mia Dinkins / Boys: Tory House

1/9: East at Cocke County – Girls: Hailey Hall / Boys: B.J. Hubbard

1/10: West at Austin-East – Girls: Jhaniya Mitchell / Boys: Kyan Almonte

1/13: East at Jefferson County – Girls: Ella Wampler / Boys: Keegan Mink

1/13: West vs. Sevier County – Girls: Delaney Weddington / Boys: Jalen McCullough

1/17: East at Daniel Boone – Girls: Hannah Hall / Boys: Isaac Greene

1/17: West vs. Northview Academy – Girls: Delaney Weddington / Boys: Ty Steisslinger

1/20: East vs. Sevier County – Girls: Finley Surber / Boys: Kyle Cloninger

1/20: West at Jefferson County – Girls: Kaylee Dyke / Boys: Tory House

1/23: East at Volunteer – Girls: Ella Wampler

1/23: West at The King’s Academy – Girls: Gracie Bunch / Boys: Bricyn Gudger

1/27: West vs. Morristown East – Girls: Delaney Weddington / Boys: Rylin King

1/27: East at Morristown West – Girls: Riley Forester / Boys: Corey Carpenter

1/31: West vs. Volunteer – Girls: Kalyssa Dinkins / Boys: Bereket Evans

1/31: East at Science Hill – Girls: Ella Wampler / Boys: Kyle Cloninger

2/3: West at Sevier County – Girls: Aubrie Messer / Boys: Alban Origlica

2/3: East vs. Jefferson County – Girls: Hudson Cloninger / Boys: Mason Smith