City of Morristown debuts new automated garbage collection system on August 16

The City of Morristown Public Works Department is gearing up to begin their new automated garbage collection system. If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a new garbage cart. While your waste collection services won’t be changing, there are a few changes the City is requesting you make when placing your cart.

  • Turn your cart in the opposite direction of how you’ve placed it in the past. The side with the handle and wheels needs to face towards your home.

  • Your cart can be placed in your driveway, in the curbline, or on your lawn, as long as there is no more than 2 feet between your cart and the road.

  • Leave at least 4 feet of space between your cart and other obstruction such as a car or mailbox. Multiple carts must be spaced 4 feet apart.

  • As has always been the policy, cart lids must close all the way. Do not overfill your cart, place trash on top of cart, or place waste items next to the cart.

These new trucks and carts replace the current aging system. The updated system utilizes a robotic arm on the side of the truck, controlled by the driver, to grab the cart and empty into the truck. Crews will be working with residents to help them understand how to best position their carts for efficient collection.

Public Works Director Paul Brown says of the automated system, “The Morristown Public Works Department is excited about the roll out of our new Automated Solid Waste Collection Trucks.  These trucks will provide a more efficient service to the residents of Morristown as well as providing a safer work environment for our employees. I would like to thank each and every one of you in advance for your efforts in helping us make this a success.”

The new automated trucks have already begun servicing select neighborhoods around town. Public Works crews will be implementing the new service City wide beginning Monday, August 16th. Please note, the changes being made are for waste collection only and do not apply to recycling services.

If you need additional carts or have any questions regarding your waste collection, call Morristown Public Works at (423)585-4658.