DCS starting new options for educating youth in custody

Tennessee youth placed into the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services for delinquent behavior now have new options for learning and career development.

An mix of online and in-person advanced education programs is now available to youth at three contracted juvenile justice residential treatment facilities who have earned a High School Equivalency credential to begin advanced education through partnerships with Bethel University and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology statewide network.

Depending on the options chosen by young men and women participating in the higher education programs, they can earn college credit toward an associate degree or begin a vocational career track by the time they leave the youth treatment facilities and return to their communities.

The courses are five weeks each and the program requires the completion of 60 credit hours. Funding for the program is available through student aid and Bethel’s ability to cover any remaining costs through scholarships and grants. Graduating students can enter the workforce free of any student debt.