Former middle school music teacher pleads guilty to solicitation of a minor

(WGRV) A former music instructor at Greene County Schools pleaded guilty to solicitation of a minor in Greene County Criminal Court today.

In addition to solicitation of a minor, 28-year-old Brock Jones also pleaded guilty to exploitation of a minor by electronic means. Jones was formerly charged with facilitation of statutory rape by an authority figure.

Jones received one year of probation with judicial diversion. He also has to register as a sex offender.

In August 2019, Jones reportedly sent a message to the Instagram account of the underage victim asking her to come to his house so they could engage in sexual activity. Jones also offered to come to the victim’s place of employment for sexual purposes. He allegedly sent lewd photos of himself to the same Instagram account.

Jones was dismissed from his job with the middle school bands at Mosheim and McDonald schools.