Morristown West, WSCC student shines at first collegiate debate

(WSCC) Walters State’s Hayden Howard, in her first-ever collegiate debate, advanced to the novice finals at the Virtual State Debate Tournament held in February. Howard competed against Bryan College in the championship round of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Forensics Association’s State Debate Tournament. 

  “The fact that Hayden started strong against the best debaters in the state is no surprise,” said Rob Pratt, who coaches debate at Walters State and serves as interim dean of Humanities.

“Hayden has worked hard to make herself and others better during our most challenging year ever.

Walters State debate has been competing against the region’s best college and university programs for half a century now. Until this year, competitions took place in-person. Since the pandemic began, practices and competitions have shifted online to keep the activity alive. 

  Howard came to Walters State with high school debating experience on the highly successful Morristown-West High Forensics Team. Most of her teammates and those who have competed for Walters State in debates over the years have had no prior experience. They have taken full advantage of the college’s open-door recruiting policy.

Howard is a full-time dual enrollment student. She will earn an associate’s degree from Walters State at the same time she completes her high school diploma.