Tennessee schools to remain closed through at least April 24

     Tennessee Governor Bill Lee on Tuesday said schools will be out for at least two more weeks than originally anticipated – urging them to remain closed through April 24.

     The state is partnering with PBS broadcasting stations to air lessons created by Tennessee starting April 6, so students without internet access at home can continue to learn. 

     Gov. Lee also announced Tuesday he would place 250 National Guard members at remote assessment sites to help the locations run smoother and test people quicker.  Lee said 150 of the National Guard members were trained in healthcare. They will mostly be sent to rural areas to help communities run their assessment sites.

     Lee said that he directed the Department of Revenue to delay the filing deadline for franchise and excise taxes until July 15, to help mitigate the economic impact of coronavirus.

He also announced that officials were working with public utilities to ensure services would not be discontinued if customers missed payments on their bills.