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Hatcher leaves East H.S. football program for Georgia job offers

     Morristown East Hurricanes football coach Dwayne Hatcher is leaving the program after multiple job offers surfaced in Georgia.  Hatcher told his players Wednesday of his decision.

     "I've been offered two jobs (in Georgia) and I've got two others pending," Hatcher told WCRK Radio.  "To be honest with you, I hate that it's like this - that I could make more money just teaching than as a football coach.  And, I'm one of the highest paid coaches in East Tennessee.  But, that's sort of the difference between how much more Georgia teachers' pay and Tennessee teachers' pay."

     Hatcher says the decision has been made to put his family first.  "There's never a good time to leave a program.  But, this is something my wife and I have talked about a lot.  I've only got so many years left to earn an income and I need to do all that I can to set up my (eventual) retirement.  I told the players that my family has been following me around throughout my coaching career and now it's time that I put them first."

     Hatcher reflected upon the emotion of saying goodbye to his team:  "This is the hardest moment I have ever experienced in telling a team good bye.  It meant alot to me (Wednesday) after I finished speaking to the players, and here comes a long line of players coming up and shaking my hand, giving me a hug.  That means everything," Hatcher said, his voice crackling with emotion.

     The 2013 Hurricanes captured 10 wins, the second squad in school history to reach the milestone.  "Whoever gets them, is going to have a great team to work with next year."