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ED DODSON: His voice remains with us

The longtime, legendary voice of the Lakeway Area was silenced on Friday, February 7, with the sudden passing of Ed Dodson.  He was 82.

It is impossible for us to put into words what he meant to this community and for more than two generations of WCRK Radio listeners - so we will let you do the honor. Please let us know what Ed meant to you.

Send an email to mike@wcrk.com and share your Ed Dodson memories.


(Read the tributes below)


I just want to say that Ed will surely be missed! He was a great man and it was always great to hear his voice on the radio every morning. May God be with you all and keep his tradition alive.
Love in Christ,
Christy Jarnigan
And Family


To the staff of WCRK and family of Mr. Ed Dodson,
Just wanted to send in my most sincere condolences during this time of loss.  Growing up in Morristown, Mr. Dodson was both a legend and an icon. My grandparents, my mom, me, and now my little cousins are avid listeners.  I remember being a kid with my mom at Shoney's and hearing  the "man on the radio" ordering and wanting to say hello.  My mom took me over and I got to say "hello" and he was very kind. As a kid, those moments meant the world. 
Now, as an adult of almost 30, my students in both Berea, Kentucky where I used to teach and now at the University of Illinois where I live and teach, my students know and recognize the voice of Mr. Ed Dodson thanks to WCRK online.  I appreciate all y'all do.  Praying for you all. God bless.

-E.J. Stokes
       I have lost a dear friend, as close as any brother.  To see him each morning @ 6:00 AM for over 10 years on the Barter Time program was a highlight of life.  Many times we would see each other 2 or 3 times throughout the day.
Ed was an easy  person to grow close to. Over the past  years we have continued to meet and stay in touch through out the weeks.  Ed took interest in me, my family, my children, and my grandchildren.     Ed loved his family and spoke of them regularly.   Ed and I labeled each other as workaholics but  Ed loved what he did all of these many years.
To Vicki and the rest of the family our thoughts and prayers are with you.    Ed will surely be missed, but not forgotten.

I just wanted to pass along my condolences to Vickie and the rest of Ed's family. I grieve with all of you at WCRK and WMTN. Ed was a fixture on WCRK in Morristown for many years. He was also one of the first real "fans" I had as a broadcaster. His support early in my career meant a lot. He always enjoyed talking about the Vols and the latest happenings at Morristown West and East High. Morristown has lost a true legend, and I have lost a dear friend. My prayers are with Ed and his family this morning.

- Darren
Ed was the standard for what a gentleman should be. His humor, compassion, patience, and character made everyone feel at home. Those of us who had Ed pass through our lives are extremely lucky. For those of who were lucky enough to work with him are luckier and we are better people because of him. The man my children called "Mr. Ed" will be sorely missed for now. Today he is in heaven' radio station with Jeep Rouse talking people into putting their telephones in a paper bag so the phone company can blow the dust out of the lines and signing checks with the name "John Hancock".

Till we meet again Ed.

Rob Croxdale


I am saddened to hear of the loss of a true gentleman. Ed had such an easy way about him, a soothing voice that I have heard for nearly 50 years and I am going to miss that voice. Always an optimist, sometimes a prankster but always a friend. He could remember you maybe not in name but in face and made you feel that while speaking you had the floor. A good listener and if he had  opinions he would let listeners know they were just his opinions leaving room for the other side of the story to be debated. Ed was a wonderful person, caring individual and all around God fearing man that I personally am going to miss more than words can say. I will miss he and Ed Arnold going over the trivia list in the mornings. He would ask the question and sometimes if Ed Arnold answered Ed would tell him not to and it was so funny to hear them go back and forth. My heart is saddened but I know Ed spoke fondly of all the WCRK staff and I feel that is his legacy, that he blazed a trail for others but stood back so each and everyone could reach their potential and he was truly happy for every accomplishment made. As he gave thanks to The Lord before signing off the air it made me realize each time that I have lots to be thankful for as well. He touched many lives and I will miss my friend. I know he is rejoicing this morning with our Savior and would not want 'all this fuss' over him as he was such a low key guy but he deserves it and the outpouring of affection toward him only proves what a true friend he was. I am so glad the station is playing some of his voice because it makes me feel like I am home again. As the trooper Ed was he would surely say 'let the show go on'. Rest in peace my dear friend, your journey has not ended, it has only begun.

A loyal listener and friend
Leslie and I have lost a dear, dear friend, Morristown has lost an icon, and the world has lost a great man!  Although all of his many friends are heartbroken today, Ed would be the first to say "move on".  Ed is in heaven with the savior he loves so greatly.  Our loss is heaven's gain.

My last conversation with Ed was by phone.  Typical of Ed, he was concerned about me and the transition taking place in my life.  He had dropped by a gift card for me at the bank, telling one of my employees to wait until he was out of the bank and I was away from my desk and then put it on my desk.  Typical Ed!  I fussed at him for this, but of course I greatly appreciated Ed's gesture of care.

Ed liked to laugh and tease.  His favorite topic was Leslie's fear of flying.  Leslie had told him that prior to her first flight she had read the scripture saying "Lo, I am with you always" and "And I will scatter my people over the land.  Ed got so tickled,and we all had a great laugh.  Ed never forgot that, and brought it almost every time we saw him.

Ed loved his radio family.  Even in his later years when he was on the air fewer days, he still liked to brag about his friends at WCRK.  You were his family, and I know you will miss him!

During the many, many lunches or dinners we had with Ed (mostly at Shoneys--haha), the conversation always turned serious at a point.  He wanted to know about mutual friends that had cancer or some other ailment.  That was Ed!  He loved Jesus, wanted to talk about him all the time-how He had changed his life forever!

I am so proud that we were able to honor Ed for his community service last year at the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting.  He certainly deserved the recognition.  It was fun surprising him!  Ed Arnold can share what it took to get him there!

We love you Ed!  We will meet again!

Sam and Leslie Grigsby

What sad news, I have grown up listening to Mr. Dodson. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.  What a kind and gentle soul who encouraged the Lakeway area to be generous and loving to one another.  We have all been blessed by his presence in our community.  Rest in peace.

Kellie Ward


My childhood memories are sweeter because I grew up listening to Ed on my way to school every morning..and especially on snowy days waiting for Ed to announce that there will be NO SCHOOL in Hamblen County schools today! He just had a way of making a snow day sooooooo exciting and special! His sweet comforting voice IS my childhood,and it's hard to let him go. God bless WCRK, and may  his legacy live on. Hopefully you will play excerpts of his lifetime of radio work from time to time so that we may continue to hear that sweet comforting voice for years to come, so that he will NEVER be forgotten!


I was telling my co-worker, Don Britton, just a few weeks ago that Ed Dodson is truly a Morristown are treasure.  I was 6 years old when he came on the air.  He will truly be missed.  Prayers to the family and co-workers.

Steve Shockley

I am so sad that our sweet Ed has left this Earth….Hometown radio will never be the same…Much love and prayers to Vickie and his WCRK radio family.


Lost a dear friend and past co worker. Ed always had a smile on his face, and offered to help his fellow co workers. So blessed to have worked with him, and other great people at Wcrk. We love and miss you Ed. 

Jane McKinney


During my years of working as a Citizen Tribune photographer, I had several ‘occasions’  which included ‘dealing with’ Edfor  various ‘ assignments’. He was always very helpful and  respectful.  (Always a true gentleman.)I will forever think of him each morning , as I have been awakened by his voice on the clock radio for as long as I can remember. He will certainly be missed by the entire community.

Carol Henderson


How saddened I am to hear about the death of one of my favorite people, Mr. Ed Dodson of WCRK. His voice was such a presence in my house growing up and long before my children were even born I often joked with him my kids knew his voice as well as their dad's and me when they were born. Long before text messaging it was him that informed me of the 'no school in Hamblen County.' His daily radio program was one of our morning routines and he even nicknamed me "30 Day Jessica" because I would win as the rules would let me - once every 30 days and he held me accountable to that calendar rule.  He openly shared his faith, his testimony and many stories about Morristown that I hope will carry on. I never worried about my kids listening to his Hometown Radio. I know they say in heaven we will recognize each other but I also hope our voices carry with us because I can hear Noah now if he gets to hear his voice…"Hey! Your the man my mom always won the car wash with!"

Jessica Winstead


I  was 12 year old when he went to wcrk  i miss him  R.I.P. bless his family 

Donald P. Burger


GOD looked around HIS garden and found an empty place,HE then looked down upon HIS earth and saw Ed's loving face.HE put HIS arms around him and lifted him to rest,HIS garden must be beautiful, HE only takes the best.HE whispered to Ed "Peace be Thine and gave him wings to fly.You left us precious memories, your love will be our guide,You will live in our hearts and thoughts forever,and you will always be by our side.It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone,For part of us went with you on the day GOD called you home. 


Melinda Murray


I am so sad to hear the passing of Ed. I am 50 years old  so I can say I have heard his voice most everyday in my home. Mother and Dad always had the radio on WCRK first think in the morning and all day. his voice is what I heard when I got up. I looked forward for the Turkey shoot at Thanksgiving and Ed bringing in Ol Santa Claus around 5:00 at Christmas time. so many memories of him. I took the tradition on to my home with my family for my children and grandchildren. we will miss him and never forget him.


The staff of the Morristown-Hamblen Library would like to offer our condolences to Ed Dodson's family and WCRK. We welcomed him into our homes and families every morning he was on air. Ed was a great man and a great advocate of the Lakeway area, including the library. He will be missed!

Brittany Long

Morristown-Hamblen Library

Teen/Young Adult Media Specialist

(423) 586-6410-----------------------------------------

A precious voice has been sadly silenced. My childhood IS Ed Dotson and WCRK. I, along with this entire city, grew up waiting in eager anticipation for Ed to announce...THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL IN Morristown City, & Hamblen County Schools TO-DAY !!!!! His comforting voice will be missed so badly, it will take time to let it go. It would be nice to hear old clips of Ed from time to time, ESPECIALLY during school closings. Hopefully WCRK can edit in some of his past school closing announcements and air them so future generations can feel that same magic!

Go Rest High Dear Friend.


From Dayton & Deanie Rhea:

I have known Ed Dodson nearly all my life, though listening to the radio and going to church together.  In the early 80’s we were always playing pranks on someone and also doing pranks to Ed.  I had the privilege singing in the choir with him at Alpha Baptist Church for many years.  One of my best memories of Ed Dodson is when he and our Pastor Dr DeArmond and my son Andy Rhea were visiting a man to share the plan of salvation.  After getting back in the car my son asked Ed why didn’t the man accept Christ as his Savior?  Ed tried to explain and then asked Andy if he would like to ask Jesus to come into his heart.  Right there in the car, my son gave his life to the Lord.  I will never forget Ed leading my son to the Lord! That is the most important thing that an individual can do in his life.  He will be sadly missed.


I celebrate the life of a man who did extraordinary things up until the time of his death. The voice that took us to work and school, the one we grew up listening to, will never be forgotten. God has a peaceful voice to listen to in heaven no doubt. He was a Titan in evrything he did, and he is and will be respected by the people he touched. Prayers go out to all of u there and his family.

Jeremy Buttry


Ed Dodson helped get me get up for school everyday, growing up I would be half asleep eating breakfast at the kitchen table with my family in the mornings and I would listen to him and he would help us start our day. I especially loved on those snowy mornings when he would announce no school in Hamblen County!  My husband and I are listeners of WCRK and we will really miss his humor and the love he had for his community and the people who live in it.  Our community has lost a special man.Prayers to his family.

Becky and Matt Stuart


From the first day I walked into the WCRK building on Brown Avenue and was then hired by the station, it was a pleasure to see Ed Dodson each and every time we spoke. Whether it was a professional or personal interaction, I always felt affected by his quick words of encouragement and the testimony he was just as eager to share with me. A true gentleman of the profession and a legend in the Lakeway community whose legacy will long be felt. I can almost envision the conversations he had with his maker, thanking Him for what God had blessed him with and in turn, sharing those blessings with everyone who crossed his path. The reason I say that is because of that very same personal testimony which wasn’t far from Ed’s lips as soon as I spent more than a few minutes with him.His example has influenced my life in a way which can’t be repaid  other than by trying to somehow approach the same standards of integrity. In fact, I could open my dictionary and under the word “integrity” is that same dapper picture of Ed which will remain etched in my mind.

Steve Wilhoit


I remember when I was younger and my Mom would fix breakfast for my brother Billy and I, early on a school morning. She was always listening to WCRK, all day long. To her and us, Ed was the "voice" of Morristown. I still listen to the station on the internet while at work and I live eight hours away. RIP Ed. Thanks for the memories

Jacky L. Free

Byers Engineering130 Cornerstone Dr

Brunswick, Ga. 31523


No doubt Ed will be missed by his family, friends, and the entire lakeway area. He was a great man who loved the Lord, a great friend who showed compassion, and a great leader. I have known Mr Ed all my life and I will always cherish our times together. I will miss hearing "no school today" and his letters to Santa. Love you Mr Ed! You will always be a part of our lives.
Chris Susong


We have all lost a very dear friend in Ed Dodson.

He was a true professional and will be sorely missed.

 Bill Sanders


I worked with Ed Several years as his Sales Manager and I use to listen to his old radio stories and laugh till I cried. Enough when he was trying to be serious he he thought he had hurt my feelings he would always say something so sweet that there was no way u could get mad and stay mad at him. He believed in giving people second chances in life. He was loyal to a fault to those he cared about and he will be missed

Marcella Stuart


I really hate to hear about ed. I'll never forget the last time I heard him on the radio he always signed off I'll be back Wed. or what ever day the lord willing. I guess the Lord has bigger plans for him in heaven than we had on earth for him.       

David Turner


To the WCRK staff and family,


I have always enjoyed listening to Ed since I first listened to WCRK as a kid back in the 1980s.  I started listening to the station more when I was a senior at Jeff Co. High and when I first enrolled at Walters State.  He always brought life into the airwaves and sound in his step.  He will be remembered.  I will remember his covering the Obituaries on the air segment.


God bless the family,




Benjamin E. Schlechter


Will miss Ed, woke up every morning to his voice, since moving to Morristown . Remember in 1987-1988 I was officer in ABWA and was in charge of the Christmas program. My first thought was what to do, then I  thought of Ed and Jeep. I ask if they would do the program, of course they did. When they came in that day I was very nervous and told them. They both patted me on the shoulder and said they would take over, just introduce them, they said  we are use to it. Everyone enjoyed them ,of course,  I sure thanked them after. They we just great to me and every one.

Dolores Brown


The first voice I ever remember coming from the radio as a small child was the voice of Ed Dodson. I listen to him every morning before school, for my mother always had on Ed and Jeep in the Morning. I never really knew him till my son and I worked at WCRK as Studio Engineers just a few years ago for a couple of years. But every time I would run in to him after I worked there he would always ask how the family was, you could have never meet a nicer man. My you rest in peace Ed. See you on the other side!

Stan Croxdale

Ed Dodson Family & WCRK ,


All of us at Davy Crockett Restaurant are saddened by the death of Ed Dodson.  What started many years ago as a business relationship between Ed and Davy Crockett Restaurant has been  a warm & caring friendship.  (restaurant on the big hill) 


It was a privilege to have known him so well, and we will never forget his thoughtfulness and kindness.  Ed was a true community leader and served as an example to all of us.


With great personal sorrow, we send our heartfelt sympathy.



Roger Greene & Tony Cook & Staff of Davy Crockett Restaurant.


What an honor and privilege it was to know and work around Ed for 40 plus years....He filled our life with love, music, and laughter.  God truly made him and then broke the mold. We will miss everything about him but heaven is sweeter just knowing he is there.


Respectfully Dan Jones

"The Keyboard Shop"


In the 1970's,...my father was the Morristown City Street Supervisor...so my brother and I would always know school would be out for snow before anybody, because he helped make that decision.However, ...we would get up early to listen intently for Ed Dotson to tell everybody ,..."There will be NO SCHOOL in Morristown City & Hamblen County schools (ta-day)" !!!! IT WAS NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL ED SAID SO! Please play his school closings from time to time...so that younger generations can feel the magic that was ED DODSON...and those of us that cherished that voice can still hear it. Go Rest High Ed. You were loved more than you ever knew!


 My thoughts and prayers are with the family and radio family of Ed.  Ed was
a dear friend to our family.  He also knew me from working in a payroll
department.  He joked about wanting his check.  Most important he asked if
we were still in church serving Jesus.

So Sorry To Hear About Ed Passing Away.Truely He Was A Great Man & Will Be Missed By Many .To Hear The Stories Of So Many People That Ed Has Touched Their Lives Is Just A Piece Of What Ed Was Really Like. He Loved The Work  He Did At Wcrk  56 years That's Amazing.He Loved All Of You At The Radio Station.I Know This Is Hard For You All But Trust In The Lord . He Is Our Strengh In This Time Of Need. Keep Up The Good Work & Keep Ed's Legency Alive.
Thanks Mike For Letting Us Do This.
God Bless You All.
WCRK #1 Radio Station
Michael Nichols
I, like so many others, was blessed to call him my friend. For those who didn't personally know Ed, they still 'knew' him. Just from his voice you could tell he was a kind, gentle and sincere person and he was someone you could trust.
My first formal introduction to Ed was back in the Brown Avenue days. It was actually when you, Mike, first came to the station. I was working at the Tribune and had to interview you. Ed greeted me at the door and introduced me to you. I can honestly say from that point on, no matter if I saw him at the station, at the mall, at Shoneys, or wherever, he was the same kind, gentle and sincere person I met that day on Brown Avenue. Besides being a 'constant', Ed was also 'consistent'.
He was one of a kind and his absence will be felt in this community for a long time.
My heart and my prayers go out to the family.  
Michele Green
I AM SO HEARTBROKEN . . . I know God is in charge . . . but, I just was not ready for this sad news . . . just a few thoughts from over the years, our household always tuning into listen every morning and throughout the day . . . and, sometimes meeting up with ED somewhere around town from time-to-time . . . a JOY, indeed . . .
Our late mother loved ED . . . so did I . . . Jeep & ED . . . Barter Time . . . so many more entertaining programs . . . and, the serious news, as well . . . wonderful memories . . . you could always hear the compassion in ED's voice when he reported the obituaries to the community . . . such a heart he had for everyone!
Deanna Smallman
Growing up in the 60's and 70's, my parents always had the radio on WCRK.  When an "oldie" from the 50's would play, they would dance together in the kitchen.  After my parents passed, I overheard Ed Dotson talking to a clerk at the mall and I approached him.  I was thrilled to be able to thank him for his work and I told him that hearing his voice on the radio was like being home again!  He was so kind and humble and I was impressed by his warmth and interest in my family.  I will miss his "Thank the Lord for another day of life" and "The Good Lord willing, I'll be back with you in the morning."

I think he will be remembered in the mornings for a long time.  

"Ladies and Gentlemen, With Bowed Reverence......."


Melody Martin Burleson

Mornings will NEVER be the same in Morristown, Tn. As a generation grows older..the one constant that somehow linked us forever to our childhood, is sadly gone now, as is that precious connection to  those wonderful days gone by. They too, are officially gone now. Silenced forever, but remembered much sweeter because of our cherished friend and family member, ED DODSON. Good bye dear friend, LORD WILLING, WE'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW ON THE FLIP SIDE.
Hi Mike

We have lost a dear friend indeed.

Ed always would visit me each Sunday morning to makes sure all was well
with me at
WCRK's sister station, WMTN. He would always have a hello and a hardy
hand shake
ready for me.

There was a time, way back, that I delivered a public announcement about
the July Grainger
County Tomato Festival to the radio station. The secretary told me that
Ed Dotson wanted me
to come on into the studio to help give the announcement.    I  did.  He
did....then he opened
the mike button and told all the listeners to go on down to the Tomato
Festival to watch me
play "Spoons"    I went straight home to start learning how before going
on to the Festival.

  Ed L Bradley
(WMTN 1300 AM Sundays)
Just wanted to send condolences from myself and my husband for the loss of Ed Dodson.  Ed was always courteous, respectful and all together nice.  I know that his love of chocolate (especially dark chocolate) has not been mentioned but I do believe that it was his second love after the Lord Jesus Christ.  A few years ago I accidentally found out Ed Dodson's birthday and I added his name to my list of names to send into WCRK.  I do not think Ed liked all the attention that was given to him on his birthday but he was gracious and humble about it.  He certainly will be missed here but it is great to know that he had a testimony and that he is with the Lord.

Lucille Lawson
I just wanted to suggest that something be put at WCRK's Brown Avenue location. I intend to put some flowers there. That lonely empty building is so very sad now. It was a place where Ed's spirit filled the air and I'm sure is still there! I used to cruise by the station, and Ed would ALWAYS wave out the window to me. He was a precious soul, and will never be forgotten. Please consider doing a little something at the building where it ALL began.


Tony Leonard


My name is Marina Rouse-Dawson I grew up in Morristown , Tn. I always knew it was time to get up and go to school with the sound of cows mooing and the Bradley barter time with Jeep Rouse and Ed Dodson.  That was our Mayberry.  (Never to be forgotten by so many of us!)

And ...I was born a twin my mom named my sister Katrina first and Ed came by the hospital and told my mom and dad if he had a little girl he would name her Marina so there , I got my name!

What a legacy Ed Dodson has left on the city of Morristown, Hamblen Co and beyond !
He was the VOICE!

Marina Rouse Dawson


Sorry to keep messaging, but I just put these flowers at the Brown Avenue WCRK building. They are from the Leonard Family. Ed was a dear friend of my late father, George Leonard,..... (Morristown Street Supervisor) in the 70's and 80's, and a dear friend to all kids of that era! It would be nice to see more flowers there. I'm sure the new owners would understand. Ed Dotsons voice will forever be on the air in that old building. I'm sure his spirit stopped by there on its way to heaven. May God Bless you and your staff as you continue on his legacy. You do a wonderful job! May his voice live on through all of you.

Rest in Peace dear friend.
           The Leonard Family


Tony Leonard


 My prayers are with not only with his home family but his wcrk family.


From the Cornett family Rutledge


 I have listened to Ed Dodson on the radio since I was a child.  I met him about 25 years ago and always found him to be courteous and respectful.  I had the opportunity to talk with him about a week before his passing.  I would like to comment about the respectful way he presented the obituaries.  One could hear the compassion and respect in his voice, and he read the entire obituary.  He will be sadly missed both on and off the radio.

 Nina Fullington

A FRIEND AS FAR BACK AS the yr of  59 .
Morristown will miss the voice of Ed in the mornings.

Ed was always a man of true character to me.
He loved his job and he loved this community.
We both visited the same establishment for our evening dinners,
and we had many conversations about music of the past and how the music industry has changed.
I will miss our conversations.
Rest in peach Ed.
Patrice Puglise
Stepping Out Inc.

It seems only fitting, that on the morning after

the burial of our dear friend,......... . ...

Ed Dodson has gotten the children of

Morristown and surrounding areas out of

school one last time! His sweet voice was

missed when the snow started today, but

somehow I know, Ed had something to do with it!

Rest well,...

Our Dear Mister Dodson,...

There will be NO SCHOOL TODAY! 


Tony Leonard
Feb. 12, 2014


 I had the opportunity to grow up with the voice of Ed Dodson for

almost 50 years. Ed was my best buddy when he made the no

school announcement for Morristown City and Hamblen County

Schools...yes Morristown City Schools...it was a few years ago.

Later in life, I heard Ed Dodson make the announcement of Elvis

Presley's death. By 1980, I found myself interested in the radio business

and Ed Dodson was one of the first guys I met at WCRK in Radio Center.

Later in life I pursued my dream and worked with Ed in a number

of capacities including Assistant Station Manager from 2003 until 2007.

Ed was a consumate professional, a great guy, true friend and in some

ways, a second father. I will miss his smiling face and our sharing

times at lunch.


Goodbye dear friend...but it's not really goodbye as we will

meet again.

May God Bless and keep his family!


Tim Crews
Senior Account Representative