Don Owen: Thank you to the community in 2021 for assisting God’s Warehouse

2021 Final Report                                                                December 31, 2021

The year started off in a rush and now we see it ending in a rush. Let us explain please.

As we sit here this morning, on the last day of 202,1 the following is happening.

1) Danny Newman and his team finished up in Waverly after dark last night and this morning a bit after 4am they headed back home to East Tennessee after putting in a long and productive week.

2) This morning at 6am Dale Moles and his crew, after putting in two weeks of hauling tornado debris, jumped into their trucks and they too are headed to East Tennessee and home.

(A special note) This week Dale and Terry was joined in Dresden by Dales good friend Mr. Gene Atchley. Mr. Atchley is owner of A & A Construction Waste from Sevier County, and he brought his huge dumpster truck. (A second special note) For those of you who helped clean up after the Gatlinburg fires you will most likely remember Mr. Atchley and his fleets of trucks. He and his crews are the ones who worked with us to haul off the debris so that reconstruction could begin. Below is a photo of Gene and his big rig.

With two teams headed home you would think the 2021 story ends here- it does not! Today, Danny Rhoten and Charles Howerton will jump into an already loaded big box truck and head out for Waverly and Dresden Tennessee to deliver Disaster Relief supplies. Stop one will be tomorrow (New Year’s Day) in Waverly where they will deliver a load of furniture and supplies that was loaded yesterday by them and Doug Derryberry’s crew at a huge hotel in Knoxville. Stop two will be in Dresden where they will deliver food and other Disaster Relief supplies. After they finish unloading, they will proceed to pick up the Motorhome that Dale and his crew used for their sleeping and living quarters and drive it and the box truck back to Morristown. Please pray for Danny and Charles as they are going to have a very long and hard day ahead of them.

This story is not over yet- For the past two weeks (since Dec. 17th) God’s Warehouse was officially closed so everyone could get some much-needed rest. With so many people hurting and in great need this was not the Lord’s plan for us. However, we must say His plan is always the best!!

The Lord’s plan went like this- on Monday Dec. 20 we get a call from one of our partners and she ask if we could use a load of food. We said yes and a semi-load came in two days later. On Thursday another call came- can you use a load of water and another load of food- we answered yes and on Wednesday and Thursday the loads arrived and were unloaded.

Today parts of these loads will be headed to West Tennessee with Danny and Charles to aid in Disaster Recovery.

Wednesday, semi-load #6 arrived in Louisiana and was offloaded. This was a full load of household furniture driven by George Collier to aid the victims of hurricane Ida.

Yesterday a rather frantic call came in from a partner who said they had run out of food and asked if we could help. We were able to say yes because the Lord had provided abundantly! You see, God is never late, and He always provides beyond anything we can hope, imagine, or dream. To God be all Glory, Honor and Praise!

In addition to all this Tim Velie and his HOI crew loaded and shipped Container #75 on Tuesday.

It is totally amazing to watch our God at work! And it is amazing to see how He sends provisions and how they are always on time and in the quantities needed. We serve and awesome God and He desires and deserves our praise!!!

Finally in closing, God has provided and many of you have made yourselves available to serve through God’s Warehouse Ministries. Much as been accomplished in 2021 and a short summarized review is shown below so that you can see what God can do when his people make themselves available to serve Him. Also below is a link to some photos taken at our recent Leadership team celebration.

Thanks everyone for your physical, financial and prayer support of God’s Warehouse Ministries. Your are touching many people all around the world bringing Help, Hope and Healing.

Happy New Year

Don Owen


2021 Year in Review

This year has been an adventure in God’s faithfulness and Blessing

1.  January: We started the year off COVID protocols and a new Operations Plan. HOI shipped container 65 in January and we received 14 semi loads of patient gowns. We had our usual DR Training at Alpha and Jerry Barrowman was busy installing LED lights. HOI loaded and shipped 3 containers to Sudan. 2 of the containers were filled with Hosp. Beds and 1 container was filled with $18 million of medicine for our new partner Israeli Flying Aid.

2.  February: 2 callouts 1 was for Overton Co. on the Cumberland Plateau the second was for Texas. Started receiving Farmers to Families Food Boxes. In all 9 semi loads were distributed to ET families.

3.  March: Flooding in Middle Tn. Installed loading dock at dock door 4 (Randy Smith and Wayne Rouse)

4.  April: Installed French Drain in front of God’s Warehouse to control water flow. Installed new steel door (Blue Door) to meet fire code. Began rebuilding on Roe Junction Baptist Church. Said goodbye to our dear friend and DR volunteer Max Collins.

5.  May: On May 22nd we celebrated God’s Blessings at Harrell Park. Rockets and missals start flying from Gaza into Israel and streets riots breakout- war seems to be looming. High winds hit Morristown, Local call-out to clear debris.

6.  June: Carter Co. (Eliz) call-out due to windstorm- responded with 2 bucket trucks 2 skid-steers and a chipper. HOI shipped 2 containers in 2 days to Israel

7.  July: Massive Flooding in Mt. City Tn Dale Moles and crew moved in to rebuild bridges and replace drain tiles.

8.  August: Second Massive Flood event in Mt. City- Randy Smith and Crew responds with heavy equipment. Major flood event hits Waverly Tn. IC Team Sets up operations (Brock and Kathy Henry) Dale Moles and crew respond with heavy equipment. Officially kick off Ministry #6 Drone and Swift Water Rescue. Brandon Ramsey to the rescue with drone in Granger Co. Young girl rescued!! Coming 16 year to the day of Katrina Ida hits Louisiana. Dale Moles and Water Rescue are on site (Pedal Ms) and ready for storm to pass through to begin rescue operations. Marilyn Morrow begins Disaster Relief Supply Collection.

9.  September: 60kw generator departs for Louisiana, begin shipping supplies to La. 5 semi-loads total. Randy Smith and Crew continue work in Mt. City. Bucket Truck and Chainsaw teams sent to Louisiana. 4 people accept Christ in Waverly. Received 44,000 lbs. of black beans.

Urgent need met- lots of Tents sent to La.

10.  October: 4th & 5th loads of supplies shipped to La. Black beans shipped to Israel for transshipment to Syria. Our LA partner moves into new warehouse. Lights and electrical supplies shipped to help get warehouse operational. 53ft semi-trailer donated to God’s Warehouse.

11.  November: Request comes in for a 40ft container load of clothing for Moldova. Marilyn Morrow and team swing into action and God opens the doors of heaven. Dish Pantry expands- doubling in size. Two calls come in- Call 1 for 5 loads of plywood- Call 2 is for 14 loads of vinyl flooring. 10 loads to La and 4 loads to GW.

12.  December: 1 Container of Beans shipped to Israel for Syria, 1 container with 52 crates of clothing and other supplies shipped to Moldova. Tornadoes hit Tennessee and KY. Dale Moles and crew head out to W. Tn with heavy equipment to assist with debris removal. Dec 15th 4 and final load of vinyl flooring delivered to GW. 1 load shipped to Waverly. Massive Red Bird Tree project completed. Dec. 23rd Doug Derryberry’s team picked up 3 truckloads of hotel supplies in Knoxville. HOI shipped container 75 to Israel on Dec. 28th. On Dec. 29 semi-load #6 was delivered to Louisiana. Dec.31 a truckload of supplies was shipped to Waverly and Dresden, Tennessee.


Unsung Heroes: We have many but here are a Few

1.  Mike Moyers– Leaves Warehouse at 4:30 every Tuesday Morning to go to CVS Warehouse in Knoxville. He picks up 8 to 12 pallets of food and supplies each week.

2.  Jerry Barrowman– Master Electrician who changed all the lights at GW to energy efficient LED lights and many more projects

3.  Randy Smith– Fixes everything that is broke like doors on refrigerators and freezes donated by Katom.

4.  Gary Adkins– Takes on all the projects that no one else will touch-like putting a new rollup door on the 53ft semi-trailer- repairing equipment -not to mention he makes a mighty fine pineapple upside down cake.

5.  Bernard and Barbara Bull– Makes sure shop apt is cleaned and ready for next visitor. Always ready for any job

6.  Barbara Morgan– Took on a job the rest of us stood clear of (Dish Pantry) and now is the diamond at GW. She also is the financial director for HOI.

7.  Rick Taylor is our IT director who keeps communications humming.

8.  Last but not least-Jack Thrall– He does it all and does it exceedingly well! He keeps all our rolling stock rolling and plans for future ministry needs.